Sophia Yee 油画家 莎菲亚.俞 was born in China and spent most of her childhood in the city of Hangzhou; a charming and culturally rich town on China’s east coast. There she learned to draw from her grandfather, who introduced her to traditional Chinese brush painting and also influenced her to write poetry at a very young age.

In the 70’s, during the Cultural Revolution in China, her dream of becoming an artist was completely shattered, as any sense of the freedom of expression was sharply curtailed during this period.  In 1981 she immigrated to America and decided to pursue art once again.

In America she encountered Surrealism and Expressionism but in the end her painting; while informed by these traditions, is individualistic and personal.  Her work both in painting and in poetry is about feelings made aesthetic by intention.  The subject matter in her painting, whether landscape or still-life, provides both a focus for contemplation of a life that has encountered the most abrupt and unexpected of changes, and a point of departure for an excursion into the psychological aspects of memory. Writing poetry is another way she is able to express herself and compensate for something that sometimes she cannot achieve through her visual art.

In 1989 Sophia Yee graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and earned her BFA degree from Tufts University.  Since then, she has shown her artwork internationally and locally in museums and extensively in galleries.

                                                              Education 学历

1989 Obtained a M.B.F.A. degree from Tufts University

1987-1989 Tufts University  毕业于塔夫兹大学
Course of study: Art History, western literature, German literature, Social Psychology, Anthropology, Music, Writing, and etc.

1983-1986 The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston 波士顿美术愽物馆学院

The School of the Museum of Fine Art Boston, MA Course of study: Painting, Drawing, Photograph, Ceramics, Print, Studio work, Art History and writin

                                                            Art Statement 

My paintings make use of imagery from nature, but are not landscapes. Rather, I appeal  to the natural world for its beauty and sources. That is, nature somehow provides a visual framework around which I build a reflection of something internal, a mood, a perspective, a state of mind, a philosophical disposition, and the wisdom it has brought, for the expansion of my vision. I constant challenge for something new and meaningful.

Nature is a vital force to balance all the things which around me in personal level and as well as in social level. Nature reflects the true sense of life, through light and shadow. I use in natural sceneries and imagined sceneries for my composition, I use both intended and unintended colors to achieve the emotional responses and reexamination in my life. I also challenge myself for using unconventional materials such as x-ray films, constructed papers, glasses and etc. as my painting surfaces that give me a different way of using paint, brushwork and color.

Delicate flowers, azure skies, and the turquoise tints of water, the ostensible subjects of  my paintings, are for me simply points of departure for an aesthetic and emotional investigation provoked by insistent memories and life experiences.


俞莎菲亚出生在杭州,在那里度过了她大部分的童年和少年时代。杭州位于中国东岸,是一个风景如画文化深厚丰富的城市; 那里她的爷爷向她介紹了傳統中國國畫,教她如何用毛笔水彩,从此她开始了对作画的兴趣,也影响了她的一生,那时她的爷爷也启发她作诗。
在70年代,文革期間,俞莎菲亚想成為一個藝術家的夢想被徹底破滅。 1981年她移居美國,並決定再次追求藝術。
在美国俞女士接触到了超現實主義和表現主義的画派,和早期的一些傳統概念,但是最終她的畫是她自己独创的一种艺术。無論在她的繪畫和在詩歌方面都交差着她內在的意向和審美的感观。在题材上; 風景山水画或是靜物画,都灌串着她对生命的追求,同时面对预期人生中所遇到的突变和意外的转折,並作為寻遊內在与过往心理层面的一个启程点。寫詩是俞莎菲亚表達自己情感的另一种方式,它们彌補她無法在她的視覺藝術中所能達到的某些方面。

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