September Light

Shadows all facing downward
up in the tree top
a bird looked over this way
extended its wings
lifting everything into the waves
speedy and insured
breaking apart from here
gives more what I can feel
and less what I hoped for

as the light turning indiscriminately
it spread wildly with that scent
I could love again my love
a long great year

rough wind
cornered path
over more what I can witness
and less what the time gives

like river
like snow melting together
a soft image
if it can be grasped firmly
who can
for what is missing in the light
is the light here
for what already existed in the light
is more what I can have

By Sophia Yee


At That Moment

At the narrow stairway a window view
it was myself turned around
when the glass door swung back to close
it was like ripples by a gust wind
moved shadows in the light
the past and now here we met again
across the summery street and there
the first set of willow branches waved

by sy



12:52 pm
the sun
misty ray
as if a lover
Chinese orchid
stains the window sill
the winter maple tree
trimmed bare
for the shadows now divided
2 steps
below the gap
on the shelves
stacks of color
brush strokes
a hidden passage
extra seasons
perfumed light

5 pm
the sun
platinum wings
breaks in
tumbles the glass window
fine dust
flows with the past
scented memory
fresh red green witty gray
extra blue brown
seagulls feathers
golden eyes
steel toned portrait
no where else
but here
all one needs
5 steps up and 2 more down


by SY


Nothing Is Something

Through the path at the corner
leaves in their strong color
against the deep November
brave red and bright yellow
strong brown and sturdy gray

below the smoky light
few geese taking off
breaking even
a fine cut
across the upper sky

wild naked smell
trembling in the cold air
seizing a few yards
a passionate scream
split the branches apart

a strong long pose over the
thick shadows on the pond
for the distance clouds
moody and selfish
and losing its final stroke

November 2016
Sophia Yee




I Don’t Want To Think About It Now

It is late of October the stillness after the gust
the light spread sideways like broken wings
leads my heart to leap to the sky it just highlighted

the hill beyond the gold-glazed roof and tree tips
where I am going for a rest and relax
here I am now I don’t want to think about it

I think I can do this and relax a little to catch up
for now I want to relax from the hours that had owned me
if I can’t feel this way or be this way when I can be

I don’t want to think about it until the light changes for me
for the birds to rest on the trees on my side of the hill
to be bare but solid and simple and nothing else attached


by Sophia Yee


The End

knowing the end here on
it’s the time to cross the shadows
to cross the light
and to cross the wide open space
no other witnesses all
no other time can be done
no other road from here to
moving the rocks

the sun burns my canvas to the core
the light
in the shadows speak aloud
one choices now and here
measure how long and wide
and the wildness
before the sun rushes
takes the spot at the south window

by Sophia Yee
July 10 2016



紫色 粉紅 黃色 白色

by Sophia Yee 俞莎菲亚
June 2016

October’s Leaves

Don’t ask what else can be seen in the
October’s leaves are the stories of many
love sorry hate hope and the tears
lonesome desire waiting losing and regain
a written testimony a true confession
a lost record of your birthday info
the missing corner of your document
a borrowed feeling for a chance to get through

no hurry now to claim for anything
it is the time to see through with no fear
October’s brave-reds within the brave-reds
fogy-yellows and timeless-brown-browns
mist-orange moist and deep-dark melting
for a chance to get through expensive woods
the one has a note with October’s scent

the sky impending beyond the pond full of
expressions too in an impeccable manner
how couldn’t you know that I have
the same burning desire burning down
for everything to and here for everything then

and a clear sense in an interlocked format
in the light-bleached corner burgeoning
a feeling of winning from losing this far
gaps the positive image of the past giving
within the future near-by the autumn canvas
moving from the spot the pile of the sadness
crumbling in the full scale of
October’s leaves into a heap of longed wishes

by Sophia Yee
October 2015

Through Here

The path to the hill
covered fall leaves
reds yellows and browns
soft gentle and warm
like the days were high

once you walked
through here and
I am walking through here
to see what I had missed
that you saw

how could I not see
what you had seen
in your last days
my days here changing
to know what

has changed and
what is still missing
in your last days
I pick up the falling leaves
to catch before fall

to hold before changing
the color of yours that
wrapped tightly still
in the October’s light
traveling through here

by Sophia Yee
October 26, 2015
Sunny 12:35pm

I Walked by Here

I walked by here
in the setting sun below
it’s you I wanted to meet
for you I waited here
alone rushing down in

the stillness of dark-light
leaves of sea-waves
took all up and down
visible in fussy motion
it’s you I needed to see

you brought me here
through the woods
in deep season
bloody-red revealed secrets
innocent-yellow covered-up

frightened-green waited
below the stone-wall
unwilling-brown burning
the last trail of
faint fragrance against the

shivering air
all toned like your face
not knowing to depart
depth of the hour turning
your eyes a valley

I walked by here
crossed the riverbed
filled words and waited
for not knowing was hard
by here I walked into it

By Sophia Yee
October 15, 2015